websms.developer documentation

We offer several APIs to access our system

To use all features of our services we strongly recommend using our powerful WEB API.
It allows you to use all channels and is highly customizable.

Available channels

  SMS Voice messages Push messages
WEB API (recommended)
SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer)
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
websms SDKs

Worldwide SMS delivery

websms offers direct connections to mobile network operators (MNO) in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. For worldwide traffic we rely on trustful partners to provide the highest standards of SMS routing.


websms will provide you with a default originator for sending messages. For the case you need different or special originators we offer the options of numerical, alphanumerical originators and short codes. For detailed information please contact our customer services.

Push messages

You can combine SMS with push messages on websms. For the case a push does not receive your recipient within time we deliver an SMS message with the same text body as a fallback. That gives your campaign the broadest reach and ensures your message will be delivered in time. For furthrer information please contact our customer service.

Voice messages

Your submitted text message will be modified to a phone call and read to your recipient. This system is perfectly suited for landline numbers as well as mobile numbers or can be used for services where calls have its advantage.

Opt-in forms

Create your own customized distribution lists for all of our services and more. All workflows include opt-in flows to secure legal requirements. You are on the safe side by using websms in terms of data security. Of course, all forms can be used as opt-out forms as well. All forms are customizable and can be created and edited in your account. Just log-in to the websms WEB APP.