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The industry standard in SMS Messaging

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SMPP (Short Message Peerto Peer) protocol is the standard protocol for the telecommunication industry for exchanging SMS messages between Short Message Service Centers (SMSC), External Short Messaging Entities (ESME) and Routing Entities (REs). Because of its versatillity it is often used for short message exchange outside of SS7 (Signalling System No. 7) networks.

websms SMPP support

SMPP was created for the professional SMS delivery by the industry and for bulk messaging. A lot of third party tools have SMPP connectivity included. You can use our SMPP implementation for this kind of integration. Nevertheless, we recommend using the websms WEB API for all communication with our services which offer all advantages of SMPP and inclueds additional features on the top of it.
The configuration of the SMPP connectivity contain some complexity. Please contact our customer service to set up your SMPP profile for your account.

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